DIY Light Controller

ATTENTION: We strongly recommend that you buy ready-made controllers and devices only authorized providers! Only in this case you get the guaranteed efficiency of the device, as well as expert support and warranty. If you purchase a device is not an authorized vendor, we are not responsible for the quality of service. Support in this case will be provided only within the cloud base functionality.

If you do decide to self-assemble controller, we will help you with this!

To create a controller, we need two things are required for an optional one.

  1. NodeMCU - a self-contained controller that has great potential for use (more can be found on the Internet). Buy it you can on the famous shopping areas, such as or These market-areas offer a huge number of variations on a given search query «NodeMCU». Make a choice is difficult. That is why we are working on the formation of a list of recommended suppliers. Do you also offer to choose the most cost matching in appearance with the proposed authorized suppliers. For example, as here.
  2. PCA9685 – This PWM module. It is he who will manage the drivers, giving them the desired command. A NodeMCU control this PWM module. Buy PWM module can also be on the above market-areas. We recommend to give preference to a fully assembled circuit board where all pins are removed. It is most suitable for self-assembly.
  3. DS3231 – clock module. You can buy everything in the same market-areas. We strongly recommend you choose from modules designed to connect to the Arduino. Also note that the unit must be equipped with a battery. Otherwise, benefit from it or not will have to look for it yourself. Importantly, this module is optional. The controller can synchronize the internal time by connecting to the Internet through Wi-Fi network. But if you want to achieve complete independence from the controller access to the Internet in the preparation of the time, it is desirable to connect the module.

ATTENTION: Power supply 5V DC. If you collect the light, which will be powered by different voltage, make sure in advance of the converter with the necessary characteristics. Quality power supply is main base for stability of the controller!

When all of the components will come, you can collect your controller. It's very simple. Connecting components produced on the I2C bus, in accordance with the scheme.

Ready controller, you can connect it to a computer via USB-connector and download the firmware.

How to download firmware and fire it at section «Fast start».