Welcome to cloud service
of Internet-things

Today's world is hard to imagine without the Internet. Each of us actually can not live without it. Good or bad? On this question we can not answer you. However, we can offer you to use the Internet to its fullest!

Control by Internet

Control devices from any distance and at any time, without thinking about how it works - that's the goal we have set ourselves. Already today we are ready to offer you two controllers TinyLED 1.0 и TLDAIC 2.0 which let you control the aquarium lights on a fundamentally new level.

  • Manage from anywhere;
  • Monitoring information ;
  • Spectrum library;
  • Cluster devices (Synchronous control of multiple lights);

This is only a small part of what gives cloud service TinyLED.


The importance of the possession of information in the modern world can hardly be overestimated. We stand on the edge of progress in this area. Devices running TinyLED able to inform you of any abnormal situations. And yet, they are able to gather information and provide it to you for analysis and decision making.


Only yesterday it seemed that the reliability of the device is the only guarantee of the preservation of our data. But today we know that this is not so. Even the most reliable device may be broken. For you, we store the hardware configuration and the data obtained from it on secure servers. Even if the device fails, it is sufficient to change to a new, connected to the cloud TinyLED, and it begins to work as if nothing had happened.


In any difficult situation well, when there are those who will help you. Our online-support always-on connection. Competent specialists will help you solve any problems and give good advice.