TLDAIC 2.0 - very special controller.


Controller Specifications are impressive.

Two independent chip, one of which is engaged exclusively in connection with the cloud, and the second execution of the program. This makes it possible to completely eliminate any negative impact due to the quality of operation of the controller.

I would like to mention the fact that now the controller will automatically update the internal software. Also, he was able to set the offline-applications that will work even without the Internet.

The requirement to power the controller will satisfy almost everyone - from 6 to 60 volts. In this case, no noise.

When a substantial increase in the functions managed to maintain small size, it can be used in the most compact and elegant devices.

But perhaps the most revolutionary is its modularity! Those. the controller connectors can be connected not only to the LED driver, but also additional modules. For example, temperature control unit, current, power load control module 220, etc. The modules can be purchased separately, if necessary.

Of course, keeping all the advantages that have already had TinyLED 1.0 ie controller Control over the Internet from anywhere in the world. Combining multiple controllers into a single virtual appliance that allows you to control multiple lighting as one.


  • Control - by cloud
  • Firmware update – from cloud
  • Offline applications – install from cloud
  • Comfort ignition(с) - included
  • Working without Internet – yes
  • External modules (options) - current control, temperature;
  • Browser supported - Chrome, Safari, Firefox
  • OS supported - Windows, iOS, MacOS, Android
  • Synchronous control of multiple controllers - yes
  • PWM channels - 21
  • Power supply - 6..60V
  • PWM frequency- up to 1100Hz
  • Dimming resolution - up to 65535 (1100Hz)
  • Reverse polarity protection - yes
  • Size - 49x55x8мм(LxWxH)
  • Connect type - 10 pin 2mm
  • Temperature sensors - 1-Wire, DS18B20
  • Silent operation - yes
  • Real time clock - included
  • Supported inversion LED driver - yes
  • Developer - Ivanolab

For download:

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